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GOL… Double Your Money in a Year

Gol Linhas Aereas, or Gol Air Lines (NYSE: GOL) in English is the largest low-cost and low-fare airline in Latin America which operates flights to South America, the Caribbean and the US. Lately, GOL has been experiencing losses mainly due to landing fees in Brazil and fuel costs. So why am I predicting a 50% profit on the current price ($3.75)?

Gol’s Price History


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AMD – The Next Big Gaining Stock in The Technology Industry

Who in their right minds thought they should compete against Intel (INTC)? Advanced Micro Devices(AMD) did. While their stock dropped almost 65% in the past year, ever since end of November 2012, the stock finally started looking up, climbing slowly and steadily.

While your first thought might be “they’re on the rise, not the best time to buy” I believe that’s not the right train of thought. AMD currently at $2.59 and been climbing relatively well (Chart below) in the past couple of months. Even so, they’re still ways away from their 52-week high (8.35).

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Stock Market and me…

For quite a while I’ve been looking into the stock market, figuring out how it works, what to do, etc. Unlike all the “pros” I don’t have a stocks analyzer (yet), but based on my personal knowledge of certain companies, lots of research, following trends, etc. I’ve been doing very good in the market. Last year I saw a profit of 89%! which is pretty cool. I did suffer for quite a while, most of the year around terrifying negatives, but at the end of the day, I almost doubled my money.

Unfortunately, I am still a college student which means I don’t make enough money to even sustain myself… And every time I see a stock that I “would’ve bought if I had money” go up 20-25%, it pisses me off. So… I figured I’d write about it. I am sure no one is reading this, and that as a “rookie”, unknown college student that doesn’t have access to statistics and data, my word isn’t worth a dime… but hopefully after a few articles of suggestions that go unheard and profits are made, maybe I’ll either be taken more seriously OR find a job to spend my own money on it.

Stay tuned, any day can come a new investing post… Cheers!