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Hard Drives, A Stable Investment In An Unstable Market

In this technology driven world, everything’s about data. Either on the cloud, personal devices or other storage devices, everything is stored somewhere. This somewhere in most cases is a hard drive, which are most likely made by Western Digital (NASDAQ: WDC) or Seagate Technology (NASDAQ: STX). For a few years now the two companies have competed for the reign of the electronic storage products, and in the process, they haven’t really “taken each other out”, but rather both saw very healthy profits and growth. In terms of an investment however, STX has the upper hand.

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AMD – The Next Big Gaining Stock in The Technology Industry

Who in their right minds thought they should compete against Intel (INTC)? Advanced Micro Devices(AMD) did. While their stock dropped almost 65% in the past year, ever since end of November 2012, the stock finally started looking up, climbing slowly and steadily.

While your first thought might be “they’re on the rise, not the best time to buy” I believe that’s not the right train of thought. AMD currently at $2.59 and been climbing relatively well (Chart below) in the past couple of months. Even so, they’re still ways away from their 52-week high (8.35).

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