Throughout my life I’ve worked on quite a few projects. Some still in existence, some still in development, some don’t exist anymore… but here are the ones that still exist:



  A JavaScript library that facilitates the creation of interactive 3D maps using the Google Earth Plugin and API V3. InterMap v1 was officially released on April 20, 2013 and is the current version. The project is ongoing and updates will be released in the future.

This project was Honorably Mentioned by the head of the Computer Science department at the 2013 Florida Institute of Technology Engineering Show Case as one of three others as the highest rated by the show cases judges (who were all members of companies within the field such as Electronic Arts, Harris Corp, Rockwell Collins, Microsoft and others.).

If you’re interested in the project, have any ideas for future features, or want to contact me regarding the project, feel free to contact me.


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