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This is Why Brazil HAS to Win the World Cup

719px-WC-2014-Brasil.svgIt’s not a secret that I am a Brazil fan… I was a Brazil fan before I even knew what futbol was… My mom spent a good few years in Brazil before marrying my dad so the love for Brazil in our family comes from before the family existed. Thankfully throughout my life I’ve had the opportunity to live in Brazil during two different periods of my life (lower school and 3/4 of high school). Those who know me personally, know that I like to blend in, learn local languages, cultures, mentality, etc… And even though it may sound corny, while living in Brazil I was the most Brazilian foreigner most people ever met. It would shock people when I told them I wasn’t Brazilian. Why am I saying this? Because It’s easy for someone to criticize something from the outside, but I’m not “on the outside”. I’ve seen almost all of what being a Brazilian means, for better and for worst.

When you hear Brazil being the country of parties, it’s no joke. The Brazilian people (even the poorest of the poor) always find a way to celebrate anything and be happy… They’re happy people (at least most of them).

When Brazil was elected to host the 2014 World Cup, I knew things we’re going to get VERY bad… Brazil has a funny way of getting things done, the “jeitinho Brasileiro” (the Brazilian way), is a mixture of corruption and goal oriented actions. The people know how corrupt their country is… most are just as corrupt… But what happened a year before this world cup (and from then until even now) is a story that most of you will think I made up, but I (as well as MANY others) saw it coming for miles…

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Washed Out Goalkeeper You Said?

julio cesarEver since I can remember Julio Cesar, he never disappointed… Even though he was placed as reserve to Dida and Rogerio Ceni, Julio Cesar (for me) was never a disappointment.

His career might not be the gold shinning star you’d expect, but even with the struggles, he’s always managed to establish himself as the teams first-choice goalkeeper anywhere he went.

Yesterday in the first game of the “Round of 16″, Julio Cesar made a mistake that cost Brazil their lead and while the commentators egged on him, every reporter had their headlines all geared up to smear and bash him, the truth was that it wasn’t solemnly his fault… After all, there was another mistake that led to his mistake.

For some reason, the soccer world (especially Brazilians) loves being VERY UNFORGIVING when it comes to mistakes made by Brazilian professionals… Win or loose, words like “washed out” are used left and right without giving it a second thought. From coaches to midfielders, defenders, strikers, subs, goalkeepers, when the Brazilian National Team looses, someone’s head is going to spin… Even when the team wins, someone gets criticized and scrutinized negatively (while someone else becomes a hero)… In yesterday’s match, If anyone’s head should have rolled, my vote was on Fred (who’s done NOTHING VALUABLE this world cup so far).

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Website Updates!!

Hello world,

It’s been long overdue, but finally I got around to updating TONS of features on this website… The resume page is up as well as 2 new pages under projects: Random Sample Code and TJU ACM programming solutions which are just a few of the programs I’ve written throughout the years for specific programming competitions, sample code, etc. A lot of content still needs to be updated and it will be in the next day or so.

A few updates about me… Still looking for a job, applying for quite a few too. I had the privilege of making it into this years Facebook HackerCup (for now) and I hope to post one of my source codes for that fairly soon as well. Besides all that, 93 days until graduation! grades going up, finishing strong!!

That’s it… quick update.

September Eleventh…

The biggest terrorist attack in recent history happened 11 years ago on this day. Getting into the details of what happened on that day is irrelevant since I’d rather talk about what happened after the event. The United States was in shock and as they were down on the ground trying to regroup and stand up again, the whole world was extending their arms.


As the greatest nation in the world slowly stood up, they allowed themselves to be blinded by anger, by revenge, rather than standing up, taking a breath and looking around. The United States made the worst mistake of their history that day they decided to invade Afghanistan. While the world was very supportive and understanding, after all who wouldn’t want to get a little revenge? Unfortunately however, the world didn’t realize that the United States was seeing red, and not thinking through… All the wanted is to “fight terrorism”. by definition, we can all be terrorists… terrorism is such a broad word, that people decided to stereotype it as “muslims with turbans on cursing america”.


As time passed, the United States kept borrowing money and spending it on bombing Afghanistan and then Iraq… And what did the American people do? sat and cheered. cheered as their government borrowed trillions of dollars and spent them on doing damage to other countries rather than improving their own country. The citizens sat and cheered as the world tried to talk some sense into them… but all they could see is red. Slowly the world lost their respect for America not because more than 50% of the population doesn’t know where they’re located on a map, but because they would rather keep that 50% uneducated and keep bombing Afghanistan.


We’re going there for oil… bullshit. we’re helping establish democracy… bullshit. we’re… were… we’re looking for Bin Laden… bullshit. The United states ran out of excuses… the United States hasn’t realized one thing: If they don’t get their shit together within the next few years, they’ll lose the world for good… and when the world decides to give up on the United States, the greatest depression the world’s ever seen will begin.


Why on September Eleventh? Because a whole lot of problems in the United States are consequences of the actions post September Eleventh. I am not saying I do not feel for the families of the victims, families of the heroes who did what they could to help and lost their lives, and even the heroes how are traumatized from the event… All I am saying is it’s time for the United States of America to realize they’ve been wearing all these blindflods for years and its time to lose them, see things for what they really are and start making accommodations to start rebuilding… not the buildings physically, but rebuilding the country… rebuilding the economy, international reputation, and most importantly, re-educate the young generation that grew up with blindfolds on thinking its the real world.

The tipping point

There’s a sweet concept known as the “Tipping Point” which is when a certain thing, no matter what it is reaches a point where dramatic changes happen. An example of a tipping point is when a baby starts walking, when a high school student graduates, etc. Tipping points are moments where everything changes, and it can be big things like revolutions in countries to small things like someone realizing they need a diet.


We’ve all hit quite a lot of tipping points throughout our lives, its the nature of the beast. I hit a tipping point today. As the person in charge of Florida Techs Homecoming dance, concert and marketing, I found myself overwhelmed in work this past weekend. Like a good college student, most of the work was left for the last moment, when I realized I hit the tipping point: no sleep tonight. Believe it or not it happens more often than you think. in the Extras page I posted a link with a video about power napping. But the thing is, I have so many things on my head besides classes… To be honest, all I want to do is work on this project I’ve been cooking for a while, but I can’t find the time.


If any potential college student will ever read this my only advice to you is: focus. I grew up believing that the more “tools” you have in your “toolbox” the better off you are. While that is in some cases true, it seems lately that having one “Well refined tool” is probably worth more… quality over quantity, simple concept. But what if it’s part of your nature to multitask, can’t focus on one thing? The reason for which I am writing this is not to rant about how busy I am, but to attempt to leave this bit of experience on the web in case anyone ever stumbles on it and ends up making some sort of big decision based on this. And now, back to the grind.