Hey there! my name is Gal Appelbaum and I am a geek. I graduated with a Bachelors in Computer Science from Florida Institute of Technology in 2013 and currently looking for a job to develop/maintain anything within the Software engineering/mobile development/ web development fields.

If you’re here trying to figure out a little more about me I suggest you check out my Blog. But in a nutshell, I am an International student in every sense. I was born in Israel, but lived in Brazil for 5 years and Peru for 4 years, where I learned Portuguese and Spanish (Respectively). I have always had a natural sense of curiosity that leads me to spend hours on ANYTHING that interests me until I know how to do it (from fixing cars, programming, movie editing, etc.). I love to play sports, work out, go to the beach, play guitar and often find myself expanding my hobby horizons learning and trying new things such as SCUBA diving, Stock market analysis, etc.

In this website you can also find some of my old work such as Random Sample Code and TJU ACM programming solutions and Project Euler solutions as well as some of my most current and sophisticated projects on my Projects page.

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